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Food in School  
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Any Policies currently out for consultation by stakeholders will feature here. Please read them and forward any suggestions to school. 
General Information for Parents 
Milk is available in school to all pupils. Orders are made at the beginning of each term and payment is required in advance for the whole term. Reception Class pupils receive free milk. 
School dinners are available each day in the school canteen at a cost of £2.60 per meal. Parents who feel they are eligible for free school meals should contact The Education Authority for an Application Form. 
Packed Lunches 
As an alternative to school dinners pupils may bring packed lunches into school with them. Children will be supervised in the canteen or in a classroom whilst eating lunches. The school encourages healthy eating habits and would ask parents to give this some thought when making lunches. Fizzy drinks, of any kind, are not allowed. 
Break Time Snacks 
Years One and Two have their own arrangements for break time and parents are encouraged to discuss this with the class teacher. Years 3 to 7 are welcome to bring in their own snacks for break time but parents are reminded that the school takes part in the Better Breaks Scheme and items such as fizzy drinks, chocolate bars, crisps and biscuits etc., are not permitted. Toast and pancakes are also available to purchase daily from the school canteen at a cost of 25p per item. 
School Uniform 
School Jumpers and P.E. kits can now be purchased in Lila's, Armagh.  
School coats will still be available through school and can be ordered in September. 
Every absence from school is recorded on the school's computerised attendance system. Parents are required to provide an absence note on the day of the child's return. Persistent absenteeism without reason will be reported to the Education Welfare Officer, who will make a home visit. 
Letters to Parents 
Letters and notes are often sent home by the school. Please be in the habit of checking your child's school bag each day when he/she arrives home. 
Educational Visits 
Throughout the school year your child can participate in a number of school trips and educational visits. You will be notified of each of these individually and parental permission will be sought. 
Charging & Remissions Policy 
Education in Newtownhamilton Primary School is provided free of charge for all lessons and activities connected with the child's entitlement under the Education Reform Order. A copy of the Charging and Remissions Policy, determined by the school's Board of Governors, is available to parents on request. 

Parent Teacher Association  

Parent Teacher Association 
All parents and guardians of pupils enrolled at the school and members of staff are free to join the Parent Teacher Association. 
Newtownhamilton Primary School is very fortunate to have an extremely hardworking and well supported Parent Teacher Association. The PTA Committee meet on a number of occasions throughout the year to plan events which they feel would be of interest to pupils, parents and the local community. 
The proceeds from these events all go to assisting the school in purchasing educational resources.  
Thursday 30th January 
@ 6:30pm 
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