Healthy Eating 
The school promotes and encourages healthy eating through the curriculum and through ‘Healthy Breaks’. We also encourage and give advice to pupils on the matter of lunch choices. The school canteen also promotes healthy eating options within its menus. 
Foundation Stage pupils have the opportunity to sample healthy foods at break time with fruit, milk, toast, porridge and yoghurt available for £1 per week. 
Older pupils are taught about healthy eating through their Science lessons as well as getting advice on healthy living choices and looking after themselves. The Dairy Council and other Health Agencies make regular visits to inform pupils about health related matters. 
Pastoral Care 
The school recognises that it has a very important role to play in a child’s personal development. Children will undergo many changes during their 7 years at primary school - intellectually, emotionally and physically. Considerable time and resources are spent to help children to feel and to become valued and important members of the school community. By doing so, we hope that children will make most of the opportunities which the school can offer, and make a positive contribution to school life in return. 
It is the responsibility of every teacher in the school to look after the pastoral needs of the children in their care but Mrs Henry has overall responsibility for our pastoral care policy. The teacher responsible for liaising with statutory authorities in matters relating to child protection and child abuse, is Mrs Henry with Mrs Managh in the role of safeguarding teacher. 
When a child becomes ill at school, or if a child is injured the parent will be notified. In most cases the parent will be asked to call and collect the child. In the event of serious injury the school will take the child to the local Health Centre for treatment, or a doctor will be asked to attend at the school. In all cases it will be school policy to act in the best interests of the child, and the same time endeavour to contact parents at the earliest possible moment. The school’s First Aider is Mr Andrews. 
In relation to bullying in the school our policy is that all children have the right to be taught and to learn in a safe environment, free from all types of aggressive behaviour. With this in mind the school tries to deal with instances of bullying quickly and fairly. Staff will endeavour to incorporate into their classroom routines discussions on issues relating to bullying and areas where bullying is most likely to occur are closely supervised. Most bullying takes place out of the sight of teachers and for this reason we have to rely on information coming in from pupils themselves or parents who inform us about incidents which have taken place. All incidents are recorded along with parental concerns and the matters investigated to the best of our ability. If you feel you ever have a problem in this area please do not hesitate to contact the school.  
The school has a separate anti-bullying policy document which is available to all parents and this explains more fully than the general notes above how we try to manage what is an extremely difficult problem for schools and teachers to deal with. We would be grateful if you could encourage your child to be kind and courteous to others at all times. 
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