Clubs and Services for 2016/17 
All Clubs will continue week beginning Monday 12th September.  
The Clubs for this term are as follows: 
P1 - P3 Clubs, 2pm - 3pm 
Monday: Football with CC-Coaching 
Tuesday: Learning through Play 
Wednesday: Learning through Play 
P4 - P7 Clubs, 3pm - 4pm 
Monday: Football with CC-Coaching 
Tuesday: Literacy and Numeracy through ICT and games  
Wednesday: French Club coming soon !!! 
Thursday: Eco- Club with Mrs Cargill 
Adult and Child Evening Classes 
Watch out for information on Zumba classes starting in the Autumn Term 
Flower Arranging in the Spring Term 
Reading Partnership 
Reading Partnership will continue in November. This is a very successful programme which is designed to provide quality support for children in Primary 2 and above who are already readers but who will benefit from extra reading mileage.  
Extended Schools Programme 
Over the past few years schools have been extending the services they offer. This has been made possible by extra funding through the Department of Education's Extended Schools Programme. Further additional funding is also available if schools join with other schools and take part in joint activities. 
In past years we have used our funding to finance after school activities such as sports projects, arts and crafts, dancing, yoga etc., and we have taken part in two musical productions in conjunction with other local primary schools. Money has also been used to enhance play facilities for pupils and to subsidise the costs of some school trips. 
During the current school year the bulk of our Extended Schools funding is being spent on providing - 
Foundation Stage and KS1 Clubs offering a range of activities to encourage well being and social development, including; Football, Art and Craft, Bible Stories and Music and Movement. 
KS2 Clubs offering a range of activities including; sport, Eco-club, Art and Craft and learning with ipads. 
a range of sports skills through utilising coaches who facilitate coaching in volleyball, football, hockey and netball 
Reading Partnership which is a programme delivered by two very experienced classroom assistants who are trained in delivering this intense programme which develops reading skills and understanding. 
Evening courses aimed at adults and children working together to improve their skills and abilities in keep fit, flower arranging, cookery, cake decorating and relaxation. 

Flower Arranging Classes 

P4-P7 Sport Club 

P1 - P3 Sport Club 

Foundation Stage Activity Club 
Literacy and Numeracy ipad Club 
Eco-School Activities 
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